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Tip: We have both round and rectangle tables available.

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Tip: $150 tech fee to be paid in advance


Cost for use of the facilities and/or premises will be free of charge for members of the church family upon the approval of the facility usage request form.

For those outside of the church family requesting facility usage, the cost will be at the discretion of the Pastor and staff. You will be notified of the cost once we review your submission details.

Please note that if Audio/Visual equipment is needed, an additional tech fee of $150 will be added (this is not waived for church members). See details below in Facility Information section. If Live Stream capabilites are requested, an additional $50 will be charged for a total of $200.

A $20 cleaning fee will be charged per usage request for events 50 people or less in attendance. An additional $20 will be charged for over 51 people, and so on in 50 people increments. (Example: $40 total for 75 people, $60 for 105 etc.)

All fees incurred are to be paid by cash or check to Goshen First UMC and dropped off or mailed to the Life Center office.


Policies for Facility Usage - 2021

The Facilities Use Agreement form must be read and agreed to in order to use our facilities. By clicking "yes" below, you have digitally signed the Facilities Use Agreement. An actual signature may be required as well.

Tip: The Facility Usage Agreement is linked in the section above in green text. If you have any questions, please contact the Church Office.